Bio-Lite is state-of-the-art Ion exchange Technology Specially formulated resin to purify Biodiesel.

Engineered to maximise the removal of soap, glycerine, water, trace metals and mono-glycerides from crude Biodiesel. It has been designed to be operated in stand-alone fixed bed Ion Exchange columns.

The use of a Dry polymeric-based process for Biodiesel purification is unique both in performance and cost effectiveness.

Ion Exchange Resin offers several key advantages:

ion exchange resin application in the purification of biodiesel

As the Global quality standards for Biodiesel are becoming ever more stringent, even the smallest traces of soap, catalyst and glycerol must be removed from crude Biodiesel in order to meet the stringent new international quality standards BS EN 14213 and BS EN 14214.

With the new legislation from the environmental agency if you make Biodiesel you must reach this standard or it is an offence. This makes wood based cleaners/regenerated resins redundant unless used in conjunction with this type of resin to meet this protocol.

The use of this resin alone will enable you to reach this standard easier than using other purification methods and you will producecrystal clear PH neutral Biodiesel every time.

The highest quality Biodiesel is attained by using Bio-Lite Biodiesel Purification Resin in a much more cost effective way than using other comparable resins. From tiny beads to bright, crystal clear biofuel in one easy pass.
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